2010 Peer to Peer Communication

transhumanist-cyberpunk-wallpaper-darkart.cz_-640x414Forget the talking. It is now 210 and in history class we will discuss how people used to actually use their voice to talk with their voice in person or using this devices called cell phones and computers. No one has conversation anymore that old fashion way, except for a few weird people, since we will now communicate peer-to-peer.  You brain can interpret the others feelings and thoughts. If you want to communicate to someone at a distance you just tell you brain to call them up and you are now communicating. Just think how this would eliminate misunderstands. An example is a couple driving.

A male and female are driving down the highway like they did a long time ago in those contractions they call cars. She is beginning to get a little hungry and notices a sign showing there are a number of restaurants off the next exit. She then asks “Are you hungry?” He replies “No”. He then drives right pass the exit.  She now is angry and  proclaims, “There you go again. You are being so inconsiderate.” He is, of course, confused since he did not understand that she was not asking a question for a yes or no answer but really wanted to discuss and compromise when they will stop to eat. With the peer-peer device there would not be any confusion or misunderstand since he would had read in her mind that she was hungry.

This is my idea of language in the future. What is yours? For more interesting blogs on the subject visit  Daily Prompt: 2100

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