Ciao To The Five Senses


Most of the time think about our five senses especially if they are “normal”. I am not sure what sense I would give up if I was forced to even if I was allowed to gain super-sensitivity in another. It would be a very had decision.  I know my eyesight has been declining over the years which is a normal process because of age. It seemed I went to sleep at 40 and woke up the next day with poorer eyesight.

I remember a time when I had great eyesight. I went to get my eyes tested for a job position and the individual testing seemed to be doing the test over and over. I had never had a test so long. I think most times I tested before they were to 20/20 and stopped at the chart there.  I asked her if something was wrong. My eyesight was showing up as 20/15 during this test which is better that normal and she was not sure what was going one. I was the first person she had tested that had some good eyesight.  I do miss those days in many ways since I do not like wearing reading classes. I hope to be able to go to bi-focal or something because I cannot seed distance with the reading classes so I have to keep taking them on and off. What an annoyance.

All of our sense are important so our daily life although many do manage to like without on rather well. If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

This daily prompt idea was from Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive