Weaving the Threads

Weaving the Threads

Some people have never left their hometown or rarely ventured very far. I have known more that one person who lived in the same town or city and never went on a vacation or even a day trip anywhere. I find that rather fascinating but also interesting at the same time I have noticed every place has it wonderful people and then some that are negative against others from outside their hometown.  I am the type that loves to explore new places so I really have a hard time understanding them. I also have difficultly with the ones who will tell me that people are like this or that somewhere when they have never been there. I ask them how they know this and they usually cannot come up with an answer because they are most likely listening to the remarks of one person or when they just view the world according to news reports.


I like to think of different places like in the Ebony and ivory lyrics

We all know that people are the same where ever you go
there is good and bad in everyone
we learn to live when we learn to give each other what we need to survive
together alive

Generally there is truth to this. You will find other customs in other places even if you go to other places in the United States. I find it very inspiring to see other customs and tend to enjoy them. I refrain from comparing them to customs I grew up with although I lived in a place that had a variety of families from different cultures so I think this helps me to be more open. 


Texas and Monterey, California were two of the places I found people very friendly and kind. More so that other places. The pan handle of Florida was the less friendly place I lived. I do not totally blame the local people because the media was so bias against especially Californians. The University in Florida was one place I became fearful. The University had a shooting and the local media automatically claimed it was a Californian. It turned out it was far from the truth because he was from Georgia. I remember sitting in class that morning and other students started taking about the shooter and Californians while glaring at me. Later that day the media put a notice to correct the error on the back page of the newspaper. The only other place I experienced this was in Hawaii in certain areas.  It was the same place someone told me it does not snow in California. I asked how was the 1960’s winter Olympics held in Squaw Valley, California and had he heard of the Donner party.  This area I suspect is a lot different from south Florida but I am not able to compare.I still enjoyed living in all of the areas and knew great people from all of the places. I wish in a lot of ways I could go back to living 2-3 years in different places although it is nice to call someplace home.