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The prompt today is called Share the Love.  Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey. I really cannot think of only one blogger who has influenced my journey in blogger land. I started blogging a long time a ago perhaps way before others were really into blogging. I started with blogspot and homesteadblogger. Which is was a nice blog site with very nice people. i even got a nice review for my pictures.  On April 16, 2013 TOS will be launching a new platform which is interesting and I wonder what direction it will go. I am thinking of going back to the set up another blog since I am doing some preschool homeschooling for my grandson. I think it would be need to be in the community still. Now to remember my password. 

I am not able to really come up with one person  I really like how wordpress is set up and the daily prompts give me an idea to write something. I will to thank everyone I have visited  on this site and others for their encouragements and so many sites I learned something or got brilliant ideas from. Gardening, horse training, drupal, recipes, homesteading,Four square homes are the type of blogs I search for and their are many great blogs out there. Too many to list. I do follow a number that are listed on my bog. I am always discovering new ones.

Some interesting blogs I discovered today. Not all are wordpress. I sometimes search by subject.

Just James  As a wife of a man that was in the Air Force I really felt connected to this blog. It is a wonderful life but sometimes I wish I would had been able to stay in one place and really belong to a community. 

Acorn Farm

Little House on the Hill




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  1. Thank you so much. I am humbled and honored to be mentioned in your wonderful post. We may be on the move every three years, but we do try to celebrate the community we become part of. All these experiences are woven in a tapestry of many friendships built around the world.


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