A Day In My Life

This is not my whole day but most of it.  I was not able to have the camera handy all day. Most of the day was spent fencing. I’m very tired now and will most likely be sore tomorrow. I did one load to laundry to prevent a Mount Laundry. I had a piece of cake, Okay I really had two and a couple of pieces of candy. I have a peanut & jelly sandwich for lunch and beanie weenies for dinner. I was too tired and it was already late to really make something good. The pork and beans were homemade canned so I think it counts as cooking although it was last year. I worked some on my wine journal. I am really behind again. The pantry is a picture for a blog posting. Not the best pictures but I hope you enjoyed my post for the weekly photo challange.

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life