Winter Car Survival Supplies

IMG_1762In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Due Time.”

Having survival supplies in your vehicle is important especially if you live in rural areas but also very helpful on highways.  Do you know what a car in a ditch looks like in a winter storm even in places with lower snow but high winds? Nothing. So it is very important to make a plan to have supplies in your vehicle in case you get stuck in heavy snow or a snow drift.


Hydration and heat sources are the most critical items to have on hand. I aways have water on hand in my vehicle in a cooler. This keeps my water from freezing in the winter and keeps it drinkable in the summer. It came in handy in the summer when we had vehicle problems. It is always nice to have it available if you get thirsty. I also have a few energy bars and two MREs in the cooler. If you have energy bars make sure you eat and rotate at least every three months so they do not get stale. It would how hurt to rotate the water this much too. I tend to drink the water from my cooler often so I keep it rotated.


I always like to put a pair of boots in the vehicle along with a some winter clothing. Let face it, when we are out shopping, going to work or traveling we are not really dressed to be exposed to the cold for any length of time. So have extra warm clothing in case you get stuck. Extra hats, gloves and scarfs are other objects are very handy when stuck in a snow storm. Having a winter weight sleeping bag is another good choice. You can snuggle up in the bag while waiting for help to arrive. Remember to never leave you vehicle. It will make it much easier for you to be found. The light in the distance is much farther than if seems and you will most likely have many snow drifts and other objects to got over and around making you chance of survival less likely.

I like to have cat litter or a bag of sand to help with traction if I get stuck but I am able to get out. I also have one of those foldable shovels. They come in real handy to move small amounts of snow.

An LED emergency beacon can be really handy to mark you vehicle on busy road. I am always a little worried about getting stuck and covered with snow.

The last item I like to keep on hand is a tarp. This can be useful for putting on the ground and changing tires. Also can help you keep your trunk clean if you to put something messy in the trunk.

As I Wait On Cue

I have a meeting this morning which means I have to get a shower and dressed and leave soon.This afternoon I plan to find the box of Fall decor in the basement and begin decorating the dining room for Thanksgiving. I will also need to do catch up with school work. This morning has already had an abundance of activity getting the grandson ready for school and then dealing with an overactive puppy that wants to use me and Mr. Dusty as chew toys.

If in 2214 a old dusty hard drive from one of my computers happened to enter of the many antique stores occupying the old town area of Abilene, KS  it would likely contain a mixture photos of trips, food , animals, pdf books and spreadsheets of the many gardening and food storage activities. Any one looking at the data might wonder where the photos were taken or why do I have all of these spreadsheets. This reminds me that I am behind in putting my seeds into the database but will soon do so before I put them down into the basement storage for the winters rest. They would find this huge garden/ seed database.

Pasture layout


Tunnels in the Desert

ranch border

The use of smuggling tunnels is not a new idea. The idea is centuries old. There is one story I heard from an adult that as a child they were not allowed near this one tunnel that apparently went to Mexico from a ranch in the United States. I suspect the tunnels were likely built by chinese for beginning around 1890 when the United states began trying to control and stop the opium usage. It was most likely a closed tunnel by that time but was still dangeous to be around. It also could be possible it was an old ranch escape tunnel for the time when bandits roamed and she was told a scary story so she would stay away from the area.

Ghostly Double



“It is so nice to visit you in your home”.

“I love your house it feels so much like home”.

“Wow, have you lived in Germany at some time with all of those steins and hummels and such. Oh, so you like to go to autions? I like the old wooden German sled. I was excited after ariving here in in Saint Louis to find how much it can be worth here. I got a steal.”

“Did you make that tulip quilt and do that needlepoint german landscape”. “We are soo much alike”.

And then I woke up.